Commercial Portfolio

Some commercial projects we have been involved with.
Deck design for the Senior’s Temporary Replacement Housing up in the industrial park
Interior layout for an out of town pharmacy
Documenting facade changes for submission to the Town Planning Department – here the unsightly storage of returned bottles was hidden behind a new fence
Some interior layout changes & documenting facade changes for submission to the Town Planning Department
An RV park layout – we have done a number of these lately
An addition to the rear of the town firehall so that our volunteers can practice entry to multi-story buildings

As residential home designers, we work under Part 9 of the BC Building Code. Schools, community centres, hospitals, buildings 4 stories and over, and residential buildings with over 4 residences require the services of a registered architect. We are however able to do some of the initial conceptual work. The following images represent work we did for a large integrated construction company. Their engineers and project managers took over from this conceptual work. By employing Gecko Flats Design at the conceptual stage, the construction company was able to save many thousands of dollars.

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